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Remedial Massage

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Common goals for my clients include: improved mobility, less musculoskeletal pain, better posture, injury recovery, injury prevention, stress management, nervous system calming, even a reintegration of body and mind.

After delivering over 8,000 remedial massages I have come to appreciate that our unwanted symptoms usually have contributing causes spread throughout the whole body, which if not also addressed, will likely see the original symptoms reoccur after treatment.

While I tailor each treatment to your individual circumstances, goals and available time, my remedial approach is structured around this appreciation and in general involve targeting current pain or injured tissues and then unwinding contributing muscular and fascial imbalances found throughout the body. These imbalances can often be quickly found through a postural analysis.

I also provide sports massages to both weekend warriors and more serious athletes to help mitigate the effects of frequent training, to optimise injury prevention/rehab and to improve joint alignment and mobility.

My sessions combine the traditional remedial massage deep-tissue techniques with modern myofascial release strategies that incorporate the latest understanding of fascia – the stiff and elastic connective tissue network pervading our bodies.

"Peter is the best remedial massage therapist in Sydney. Professional, caring and knowledgeable in resolving chronic pain and injury. His technique is unique and I find the pain relief lasts much longer. Highly recommended." - Susan



With proper guidance and remedial treatments, most people can stand effortlessly in an upright posture. By releasing tight muscles and fascial lines, and strengthening weaker muscles, I can help you achieve a more balanced and aligned body. But even more importantly, I want to help you become aware of your body and how it moves.

I believe in treating the root cause of your pain, not just the symptoms. For example, if you're experiencing neck and shoulder pain, it could be because your chest is collapsed or being pulled down by tight fascia sheets on the front of your body (see the black and white example).


Similarly, in the next coloured example you can see how addressing fascial tightness along the side of this clients body helped return him over several sessions to a naturally upright posture (with a smile too).


By addressing these underlying issue, my clients found relief from their pain and, with the knowledge of the root cause of the problem, they could prevent it from recurring.

So whether you're dealing with chronic pain or simply looking to improve your posture and movement, I'm here to help you release, strengthen, and become more aware. Contact me today to learn more about my approach and how I can help you achieve optimal health and wellness.

"Pete is a highly professional, and extremely experienced massage therapist. Great service combined with witty conversation makes the hour go too quickly! Highly recommended." - Ashley

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